I am passionate about all animals, and I learn something new everyday! I have a special interest in cattle, horses and dogs! We live on a beautiful spacious farm near Edmonton, and our dogs are an everyday part of our life! It's nice to have a quiet place to call home and also amazing to be close to a big city that offers classes and events for the dogs! We love agility and conformation, and hope to get into dock diving, barn hunt, and more, next year, or whenever we are able to!

I have always loved Australian Shepherds, however, I fell in love with the MAS in 2018 when I purchased my first one, Winter. Since then, this little breed has shown me how amazing they are. Each dog has their own personality and individual traits, but a common theme for them is that they are very loyal and will do anything to please their owner!

I am a strong believer in Adopt OR Shop. I believe every family is unique and should do what is best for them, whether that be finding a rescue dog from a reputable shelter or finding a purebred dog with predictable traits and temperament. I'm also (obviously) a supporter of responsible breeding, preserving and improving our purebred breeds! Without responsible breeders, our purebred dog breeds would simply stop existing. 

I am extremely excited to contribute to the success of this breed!