Epione welcomed a litter of 5 beautiful puppies May 29th, 2021!

We have 2 puppies currently available!

If you are interested in a puppy from us, please click here to fill out the puppy application!

Red Collar (male black tri, short tail) SOLD

Green Collar (female black tri, long tail) SOLD

Purple Collar (female black tri, long tail) AVAILABLE

Blue Collar (female black tri, short tail) PENDING

Blue Merle (short tail) male PENDING

Following the new changes to Alberta guidelines for veterinarians, the puppies kept their dew claws & have natural tails (they all vary in length, as some MAS carry the natural bob tail gene).

The puppies are sired by Wigglebutt Out of the Park "Parker" (14" tall) and out of Moonbabys Winter Storm "Winter" (17" tall).

(Please click their names for their profiles).

Please note that all homes are screened thoroughly, and every puppy is sold on a contract that must be adhered to. I do not sell puppies for breeding purposes unless you plan to show & be mentored, and have a strong interest in improving and preserving the breed. I want to be able to keep in touch with every puppy owner, so I can monitor the puppies and make changes to improve my breeding program. I will never abandon a puppy family, and I am always here should anything arise! I will ALWAYS take back a puppy if it turns out to be a bad fit for the family, or should you have personal issues and need to return it. The best interest of my dogs and any dogs I produce, are my top priority.