We are planning to have our first litter on the ground in early 2021!

If you are interested in a puppy from us please click here to fill out the puppy application!

We have had an overwhelming amount of people interested in a puppy from us! Please note that I do go through every application, it just takes me a bit to respond to everyone. I have created a waiting list, if you have submitted an application and haven't heard from me within a couple weeks, please feel free to send me another email! epionemas@gmail.com

Please note that all homes are screened thoroughly, and every puppy is sold on a contract that must be adhered to. Each puppy is assessed and matched to the best fitting family! I will not simply sell to the first person with money. I do not sell puppies for breeding purposes unless you plan to show & be mentored, and have a strong interest in improving and preserving the breed. I want to be able to keep in touch with every puppy owner, so I can monitor the puppies and make changes to improve my breeding program. I will never abandon a puppy family, and I am always here should anything arise! I will ALWAYS take back a puppy if it turns out to be a bad fit for the family, or should you have personal issues and need to return it. The best interest of my dogs and any dogs I produce, are my top priority.