Alta Black Diamond Dancer x Ivie Farms King Francis



Stormy came to us from Ivie Farms (USA) on Christmas Eve in 2019! It truly was a Christmas miracle! Stormy is co-owned with Nancy & Mert and resides with them near Calgary, Alberta. From the beginning, Stormy has been an incredibly observant and watchful dog. He loves his one-on-one time with his humans and doesn't like to fight for attention with the other dogs. Stormy's favorite place is on the back of the couch or chair, perched like a cat!

Nancy & Mert say Stormy is incredibly smart and has learned many tricks, and enjoys going for long walks and truck rides!

Stormy would much rather hang out and enjoy the company of his humans instead of strutting in the show ring, so he's enjoying a relaxed lifestyle with his family. In the future, if we think Stormy is ready, he may make his debut in the conformation ring one day. We will complete his health testing and Stormy may be a part of our breeding program in the future! 

Stormy has an incredibly thick, luxurious double coat! He had an incident with some burrs at one point and needed to be partly shaved, hence the 'naked' photos!



Stormy's health testing is in process and will be uploaded as I receive the results!


Stormy's Sire
Ivie Farms King Francis

Ivie Farms Storm Dancer At Epione "Stormy"
8 Weeks Old

Stormy's Dam
Alta Black Diamond Dancer

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